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What is a General Contractor?

A GC (general contractor) is someone who you hire to manage, coordinate and complete your remodel or new construction project. Why? A GC has extensive knowledge to complete the project on time and within budget. A general contractor will hire and manage sub-contractors, such as electricians, masons, painters, roofers, plumbers and so on. To hire a general contract you will meet, discuss your end goals and agree to a timeline, price and payment plan. Your contractor will then provide payment to the subcontractors needed.

How will a GC Save You Time

Bad weather will change and effect your timeline. An experienced general contractor has the knowledge to prevent costly downtime. Contractors are responsible for handling the timing and scheduling of the subcontractors needed. It is their responsibility to resolve any problems that may come up promptly, making sure that the construction progresses without delay.

Believe it or not a General Contractor can Save You Money

They have experience and knowledge to start your construction project and keep it running. Most subcontractors will charge a higher rate per hour when doing the construction project under the owner of the home rather than when working under a general contractor. For this reason a general contractors can get the lowest bid from different subcontractors. That creates competitive pricing which will save you money.

A general contractor has the option to buy materials in bulk, so you will have materials that are of highest quality for your project at a lower cost. A construction job that is of quality, overseen by your general contractor, will increase your property value. Subcontractors and suppliers are more responsive to a general contractor because it’s likely they have worked together on previous projects and hope to work together on future projects. The best subcontractors are selective about jobs they consider. A subcontractor takes into account the chances of completing the work without any interruption.

Building Codes Knowledge

Project owners can’t usually look at the work of the subcontractor and immediately know if the work will pass inspection. An experienced GC can do that; you don’t have to pay a fee for re-inspection or even put up with the pressure of results delays. A GC always knows the exact local variations and the ins and outs of local construction requirements and codes.

To conclude, hiring an experienced contractor can save you time, money, and hassle at the very least. Roddy Davis of R.E. Davis Builders has the knowledge and experience to help you rebuild today! 910-426-1800.



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