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Restoration or Renovation?

“What is the difference between a Restoration and a Renovation? “

Restoration projects are focused on bringing a home back to its original appearance. Restoration projects are common in  historic home that have been lacking regular maintenance. Restoration projects involve researching what selections were available in that homes era. A Restoration will bring the home back to its original appearance. Restoration choices are focused on paint colors, fixtures, flooring and roofing choices. The exception to original selections are items that effect home safety features.  Decisions concerning electric and plumbing will fall into a renovation category due to evolving building codes. The end result will get the homes appearance back to its original state as closely as possible. Design selections change rapidly over time. Everything from paint colors, porch columns, shutters, flooring and shingle types are improved upon.

Now let’s talk about renovation. A renovation occurs when a homeowner wants to upgrade or change the appearance of their home. Perhaps the home is in need of a new roof, or more space is needed and you want to add a sun room, addition or new garage. In some instances it is time to finish the flex room, or update the master bedroom suite. These changes may involve creating spatial changes, upgrade cabinets, lighting and fixtures.

So a restoration repairs and restores a home to its original build and design. A renovation will change and update the appearance and overall feel of the home. Whatever market you are in RE Davis Builders can help. Call us for your consolations today 910-426-1800.



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