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Planning, Building and Designing A Custom Deck

Deck planning for your outdoor space can either be a fun or daunting task for any homeowner. RE Davis Builders has the perfect decking specialist to help you build and design the perfect fit deck for your home. Adding a deck to your outdoor space will bring in characteristics of your landscape as well as the homes exterior features. You can bring in soft edges with curves or hard right angles. Build a simple floating deck. Make it complex with multiple levels for various entertaining purposes. Not only is the plan custom but today we have multiple material options for every budget. Materials such as pressure treated wood, composite and aluminum are the most popular in today’s market. Need help building and designing your deck call RE Davis Builders today for your decking needs. In the meantime, skim the article below to help you in the decision-making process.

What size and shape will your deck be? Are you looking to build a multiple level outdoor space that will require stairs? Todays technology and designs have come along way. Decks no longer need to be square or rectangular thy can have curves and soft edges. Regardless if you are planning a big or small change to your outdoor space RE Davis Builders can walk you through the design process to enhance the value of your home. That’s right decks will be a return on investment. Whether you are staying or moving building a custom deck is worth the money spent.

The Plan

  • Product Selection
    In today’s market we have an abundant amount of product selection to choose from. I’m going to talk about three products Pressure Treated Lumber, Composite Materials and Aluminum.
    • Pressure Treated Lumber will require regular maintenance. It will be the least expensive to purchase. Pressure treated lumber will be left bare of paint and stain for one year after installation. After that you will maintain it by power washing and staining yearly or every other year.
    • Composite Decking is wonderful for the fact its virtually maintenance free. To maintain it just spray down the deck with soapy water, hit the excessively soiled areas with a scrub brush where needed and rinse.
    • Aluminum is the most durable material to be used for building a deck. The metal boards are rust and scratch resistant. The product will have minimal cleaning requirements: power wash, rinse and go. Like the composite material, make sure to rinse thoroughly to avoid a film like layer on its surface. The biggest perk aluminum has to offer is the temperature of the material stays relatively cooler than composite decking.

Decks are a feature for any homes outdoor living space. They increase your property value and offer additional space for entertaining family and friends. Make your new outdoor space your weekend getaway. Check this link out for more deck inspiration ideas!



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