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Home Maintenance Check List

Home Maintenance

Owning a home is a dream come true however home repairs can quickly become a nightmare

Here is our top 10 check list to help you maintain your home before the repairs take over.

  • Test your smoke detectors and your carbon monoxide detectors. Replace the batteries if needed.

  • Clean the dryer vent and exhaust duct. Clean out all of the dust and lint trapped in the vent and exhaust duct. A clogged dryer vent can be the cause of a house fire.

  • Give your deck a good once-over. During winter months nails may pop up becoming a hazard for your feet. Check for loose or warped boards that need to be replaced. Decks need to be stain and seal wooden decks every other year.
  • Powers wash the exterior of your home. This will help prevent mildew spots and keep the homes appearance clean. If  you do it yourself  you  will also get you to inspect  your home from top to bottom. You may notice exterior damages that need your attention .
  • Check outdoor faucets & hoses for leaks.
  • Check your crawl space look for signs of dampness, mildew, leaks, holes in the roof, and pests.
  • Inspect the caulking around the windows and doors of your home. You can keep drafts to a minimum using a small amount of caulk to seal window and doors into the home.
  • Clean out the gutters and downspouts. s
  • Get your Air Conditioner Unit checked out to ensure all mechanisms are working properly. Don’t forget to check your air filters. Change your air filters monthly pending they type you purchase.
  • Clean the chimney.

A home maintenance plan will help you stay ahead of or catch repairs as they happen. Consider the type materials your home has a create a list of bi-annual maintenance that will help you keep repair costs down and owning a home a dream come true.


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