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Fire Restoration

Experiencing a fire is devastating. Fire and smoke will cause large amounts of damage to your home and property. Smoke odor invades building materials and personal belongings of every kind. Smoke soot damaged walls that have not been burned by flames. Our 35 years of experience makes us experts in the field. If your home is damaged by fire it is critical to contact a company that specializes in the fire and smoke restoration process as soon as possible to prevent additional damage.

The fire damage restoration company will assess the extent of the damage in your property. This will involve looking at the extent of the fire, smoke, soot and water damage in the home or business. After the assessment you will be given a quote for how much it will cost and how long the repairs will take to complete.

Your restoration crew will begin the clean-up from fire, smoke, soot and water damage by completely removing damage or cleaning away smoke, dust, and soot from surfaces. Not only do they address what is visible to the eye but what is sensitive to the nose. Fire and smoke odors can affect adjacent rooms and hallways of the home or business. After a fire your property looks dark, stained and charred. After the clean-up process your property will appear as normal as possible.

The next stage is to begin restoring and repairing the damage caused by fire. Restoring or rebuilding cabinets, flooring, carpet, electrical, HVAC, lighting and fresh paint. It is time to get your property looking as good as new so that you can go back to normal. The very best fire damage restoration companies will go one step further than this. They will not only offer restoration but also renovation. These companies can then repair your property and actually leave it looking better than it did at the start.

R.E. Davis Builders has the experience to assist you in the fire restoration process starting with your insurance claim.

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RE Davis is experienced with filing insurance claims and working with adjusters to get your repairs completed and you back into your home. Whatever damage nature creates – leaks, floods, fires or accidents, we will be there to help you get your home or business professionally repaired and restored in as little time as possible. We focus on exceeding expectations by quickly and clearly identifying your needs; an essential part of how we operate, and we formulate a plan to repair and restore your home or business property to the condition it was originally in.

Insurance Claims we service are Smoke, Fire, Water, Flood and Storm damage.


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Our fence and deck crews will transform your outdoor space into an ideal living space. When your property requires added security or privacy our team can build the protection you are looking for from privacy fences to pool fencing, your safety is our priority. Installing a new fence or replacing a damaged or deteriorated fence can be an opportunity to enhance the value of your property. We have many options to choose from including aluminum, vinyl, or treated wood fencing in various styles.


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Adding new windows on your home changes the appearance of your home more than any other home improvement.

Three benefits for New Windows are:

· Add Light
· Improve Air Circulation
· Improve Energy Efficiency

Look for these signs of deterioration to figure out if your windows need to be replaced:
· Hard to open or close a window without a lot of effort
· Windows that are frequently stuck
· Rotting, Chipping and Water Stains around the interior/exterior of the window

Many windows are available with energy-saving features. Low-emissivity glass coating reduces the transfer of heat and saves energy. This coating also protects your furniture from sun damage. Replacing single pane windows with double or triple pan windows traps heat and cold and filters them instead of transferring them directly into your room.


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Looking to update an old room or remodel your kitchen to be your dream kitchen? Homeowners have lots of options when it comes to renovating their homes. Call us today and let one of our experienced staff talk with you and help plan to make your house your dream home.


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Looking for a new place to relax or adding to your family?  Deciding to extend your home by adding a new rooms or a garage will certainly help.  Homeowners have lots of options when it comes to adding onto their homes.  There are plenty of style and color options to choose from. As well as numerous materials and designs to choose to make your addition a natural extension of your home.


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