No project is too big or too small, we will fence it all.

People have fences for three reasons:

·        to keep pets and people in,

·        to keep people out and

·        to act as a attractive border for your property.

Fences are often used to add privacy in small neighborhoods and add a completed look to your property.

Fences are also used for safety reasons.  They show others where your property boundaries are, they can also protect your family from unsafe locations like unmonitored swimming pools.  Fences are a good way to keep unwanted pests out of your gardens and deter burglars.

Fence Types


Is made of a mixture of earth friendly recycled materials like wood and resin..  Composite fences offer the look of real wood, yet at the same time is very sustainable.

Open Areas

We use specialty fences for large farms and fields. We can keep the unwanted visitors out with barbed, woven or rail fencing.

Custom Fences

These types of fences are barrier fences used typically in animal kennels, observation areas, and other types of places in need of specialty fencing.


These fences are popular for their low maintenance, flexibility, and its reliability against the weather.  Their install and no-worry composition makes them a great choice.

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Privacy fences are our most common wood fence because of its customization options. These provide the natural earth friendly look and works with any situation.  We can create privacy or welcoming to any place with wood fencing.

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