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Let’s Build A Fence

So, what should you consider when choosing a fence?

There are many reasons a homeowner will be in the market for installing a fence. Do you need or want to provide privacy, keep your kids and pets in a safe area or is your end goal to increase your property value? Consider maintenance; how much time do you want to spend on maintenance? Wooden fencing requires the most maintenance due to the fact it will need painting and staining every couple of years to maintain its appearance. Aluminum or vinyl fencing requires little maintenance, which makes this option attractive to many homeowners. Don’t forget to check with your HOA if you reside in one. Some associations will put restrictions on styles and heights allowed in the neighborhood.

What purpose will it serve?

For most homeowners, there is a specific reason driving their decision to install a new fence. Are you looking to add Privacy, Security or improve you overall appearance?

What Materials are there to choose from?

There are three common materials used to build fences: PVC (vinyl), wood or metal. Each material has its own benefits and are offered in a wide variety of styles. Let us break it down a bit more.

PVC or Vinyl Fence

Vinyl fences are quickly becoming a popular choice among homeowners. This is by far not the least expensive choice however Vinyl materials offer homeowners an essentially a maintenance free option. The product is beautiful and has the effect of creating a sizable impression to your property.

Wood Fences

For the homeowner who prefers a more natural look, wood provides the opportunity to quickly and easily provide a look that can be changed from time to time by changing the paint or stain color. Wood fences tend to be initially the budget friendly choice but will require maintenance every couple of years for painting (staining) and repairs.

Metal Fences

  1. Chain Link Fencing: Chain link is a very affordable product that is a popular choice for the purposes to keep pets safe and secure. There are several varieties of chain link fence available; the galvanized, or vinyl-coated offered in various colors.

Ornamental Aluminum Fencing: Ornamental Aluminum fences are an affordable alternative to traditional wrought iron fences and provide homeowners with a unique, upscale look without the high maintenance costs for yearly scraping, sanding and painting of ornamental iron.

RE Davis Builders can provide assistance to help you narrow down the choices and build the perfect fence for your home. Call or email us today to schedule your fence installation.  910.426-1800 info@redavisbuilders.com



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